Why is shopping sustainably important? Skincare edition.

Why is shopping sustainably important: Shopping sustainably is important for the planet and for your health. It is also important for local communities, the economy and for the quality of goods bought too. Given the age we live in, technology has made it incredibly easy to make sustainable choices when it comes to our everyday purchases whether it’s natural hand sanitiser or the antibacterial soap you use. 

Why is sustainable skincare good for you: Shopping for sustainable skincare is great for you, it’s not just the planet you are helping. Your skin is the largest organ in your body therefore the ingredients you put on it have a huge effect on your overall skincare health.

How to shop sustainably online: Some easy ways to shop more sustainably include researching UK made, locally sourced products. Websites like Compare Ethics, LoveLula and Seekology are fantastic for finding these smaller brands and ensuring they are super sustainable natural and effective! We love finding smaller sustainable brands on other sites like Etsy and Instagram too. 

Why is elxr natural hand sanitiser-moisturiser really sustainable: It’s cruelty- free (CFI) and our ingredients are vegan. It’s free from parabens, synthetics & microplastics which means there are no nasties that will harm your skin or the environment. All of our products are Made in the UK (by a GMP & CFI certified manufacturer) - this  means that our product doesn’t travel far and is made In small batches, by industry experts getting paid fairly for what they do.  

Our natural hand sanitiser is packaged in a 100% recyclable bottle (made from partially recycled material) and outer carton. This means that we are repurposing plastic that already exists to make the most of it!  On top of this 10% of profits of our super moisturising hand sanitiser are donated to Tree planting in the UK (in collaboration with Carbon Footprint UK). If your not convinced already - it’s the best hand sanitiser! 

In conclusion shopping sustainably is more important now than ever before for you and the planet and it’s super easy to do. Online marketplaces have done all the legwork to find the companies that really care all you have to do is pick and choose who you want to support! 

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