Female Founders Spotlight: How these 7 British & sustainable beauty brands first launched (Aurelia, Odylique, Bee Good etc.)

With a focus this year on supporting small, local and environmentally conscious brands- we thought there’s no better time than to run through our favourites and how they launched!

As two female founders, we draw immense inspiration from other women who’ve started successful businesses. We have several role models and following their journeys online really inspired us to start elxr. If this post motivates even one person to consider researching that goal, launching that side hustle or starting that new course then this blogpost has been successful!

Bee Good

Caroline started making honey-based balms, salves and creams at the kitchen table, using ingredients from her own bees. With the mission statement “we are as passionate about protecting our bees as we are about producing great skincare”, Caroline Cavill created Bee Good to help others reap the protective benefits of honey, propolis, and beeswax without causing any harm to the bees. Their range is over 98% natural and everything they make uses sustainable ingredients and comes in eco-friendly packaging. They use PCR tubing for the balms and recycled shredded cardboard in their shipping boxes.

Conscious Skincare

Rebecca created Conscious Skincare after suffering from very dry skin as a result of her hyperthyroidism. All of the organic skincare she tried was not rich enough nor did it produce the results she wanted. Conscious Skincare focuses on small batches to deliver fresh products to their customers immediately and do this by using the ‘creme de la creme’ of ingredients and the most eco-friendly packaging available. Many of their products are featured in the ethical consumer Best Buy lists.

FOM London Skincare

Zaga Colovic founded FOM London with her main mission being to produce amazing ‘anti pollution’ skincare for the modern, London woman. It all started when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and found that all the toxins in everyday products coupled with environmental pollution was causing her health issues. She completed a MSc in Environmental Risk Management in order to better understand the risks before creating her own range of products. Her products use silk amino acids, adaptogens and antioxidants all derived from organic silk (ethically farmed in Nepal).


Karen J Gerrard founded Seams after working tirelessly in the fashion industry. Eight years ago whilst at a Millinery course her hands took a beating from the repetitive use of sewing needles, hot irons, and constantly being in water, leaving them cracked, dry, pinpricked and sore. She saw a gap in the market for non-greasy hand care and launched her breakout hand cream in 2013. The brand is entirely UK based and focuses on key, natural ingredients. This is now the hand cream of choice amongst seamstresses, make up artists and models backstage!

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Founded by Claire Vero in 2013, Aurelia has really taken the skincare sphere by storm these past few years. “Claire’s founding mission was to introduce a new concept in skincare, which remains unique to this day. Highly effective, transformational probiotic skincare, made in Britain, with the purest of ingredients sourced sustainably from around the world”. Claire had over 10 years of pharmaceutical experience before launching Aurelia and was determined to harness the fantastic benefits of probiotics, botanicals and natural essential oils.


Odylique is a mother- daughter owned business - founded by Margaret and Abi Weeds in Nottingham. With a background in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, Margaret first launched a brand called ‘essential care’ in order to help others tackle their sensitive skin problems (which she herself also suffered from). In 2014, they renamed and branched out forming Odylique (now ran by Abi)- the name is derived from a phrase that means “power of nature” and it suits perfectly. They have an odylique farm in Suffolk with a beautiful botanical garden open to the public. They are cruelty free, never use chemicals and use only active, local ingredients.

Evolve Beauty

Founded by Laura Rudoe in 2009, Evolve beauty seeks to integrate small changes into their customers routines by offering more skin-friendly and eco-friendly options.  Laura was taught by her Romanian Grandmother growing up and learnt all about natural medicine. She felt inspired to use organic, natural medicine to help with her own skin problems. She felt a passion for formulation and started her own brands in 2008, Evolve Beauty being the first! Based in Hertfordshire, all of their products are cruelty free, vegan and made from recyclable packaging- which is fantastic!

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